Locksmith Hull

Two Numbers That Guarantee an Outstanding Locksmith Service

You may think the only number that matters is the one that appears on your quote for essential locksmith work, whether it’s for your home or your business. Yet there are two other important numbers that every good locksmith should provide you with. We can, and we’ll explain more about each one here. 1: 24 […]

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Digital Lock

How Secure are Key Lock Boxes?

Key lock boxes or safes were developed to give homeowners and other individuals a safe place to keep a spare set of keys. There could be plenty of reasons for this, but they are popular with holiday properties. There are also cases where workmen, family members, or others might need to get into the property […]

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Repair or Replacement: Which Approach is Best for Your Door Locks?

Locks can break, just like any other mechanical item or piece of equipment. The question is, should you get a broken lock repaired or should you get a replacement instead? Price is obviously a major factor in your decision, since no one wants to spend more than they need to in such instances. However, a […]

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Are You Struggling with Frozen Locks?

            Winter brings its own problems where door locks are concerned. You may experience issues with doors swelling in hot weather and getting stuck, preventing you from locking or even shutting them at all. However, when the temperature drops and you are faced with icy weather, there is a chance […]

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locksmith uPVC

Are Badly Fitted Windows and Doors Creating Draughts?

Older properties tend to be draughtier than new ones built to modern standards. However, any property can suffer from cold spots and draughty areas. One way this can occur is through gaps around doors and windows. Sometimes, the frames will be old or in need of some filler to close any gaps that may be […]

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3 Things a Reliable Locksmith Should Always Provide

Searching for a locksmith who works in your area shouldn’t be difficult. However, would you know how to separate the good from the bad? The reliable from the unreliable? When you are locked out of your home or business, the last thing you need is making calls that go unanswered. Worse still would be a […]

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Key in filing cabinet

How Safe is Your Filing Cabinet?

Not all filing cabinets are the best or most robust on the market. As is usually the case with these things, the more you invest in a filing cabinet, the better quality it is likely to be. The lock on a filing cabinet is one of the most important elements of the entire unit. A […]

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Worker installing and repairing new lock

Even the Best Locks Won’t Protect Your Home Without This

We’ve often highlighted the importance of understanding that not all locks are the same. Some are cheap for a reason, while others provide a pricier and safer alternative. At Pixlocks, we always source the best locks at the best prices, giving you the chance to benefit in several ways. While it is good to check […]

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A few metal post boxes against the wall waiting to recieve post - Taken inside a small shared space in an apartment block in natural light

Three Crucial Things to Consider When Using a Secure Key Box

Secure key boxes are easily available from several sources. They’re becoming popular for use in many scenarios, too: They’re ideal for using at holiday rental properties – the owner can leave the keys inside the key box and give the holidaymaker the code in advance of arrival. This means the owner doesn’t need to be […]

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Broken key stuck in the door lock

What Should You Do When Your Key is Stuck in the Lock?

We all use keys every day of our lives. We use them so often we rarely think about what we are doing. We take our key from our bag or pocket, insert it into the lock, open the door, and that’s it. Process complete. But what happens if you put your key into the lock […]

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