Two Numbers That Guarantee an Outstanding Locksmith Service

You may think the only number that matters is the one that appears on your quote for essential locksmith work, whether it’s for your home or your business. Yet there are two other important numbers that every good locksmith should provide you with. We can, and we’ll explain more about each one here.

1: 24 hours

How many local locksmith companies provide a 24-hour service? There is a huge difference between a true 24-hour service and one that says this but leaves you with nothing more than answerphone ‘support’ at inopportune moments. You might leave a message for some of these services, but you never can tell when they’ll call you back. 

Locks don’t always seize up or break or refuse to open from a respectable 9am until 5pm. We understand that you can arrive home after an evening out and find you cannot get inside your home because the lock has got stuck or your key has broken off inside it. Few people would be happy to wait until 9am the next day to get the help they needed to open their door and get back inside.

Which leads us to our second number…

2: 45 minutes

From hours we go down to minutes. At Pixlocks, we guarantee that we will be with you within 45 minutes of answering your call. So, you can tell us what the issue is, and we’ll get your address and be on our way to you that fast. Oftentimes we can be there a lot sooner; the 45-minute window is the longest you’ll be waiting to see our familiar brightly coloured van appearing in your road. 

In some cases, that can mean your lock repair or replacement can be done within an hour, depending on how complex it is. But we guarantee we can be with you quickly and to get you a quote for whatever needs to be done to fix your lock problem in East Yorkshire or Hull.

An emergency lock repair is never undertaken without first providing a quote for it. You can then decide whether to go ahead, so you’re never left wondering how much it will cost or how long it is likely to take. We understand that you want to get on with your life as quickly as possible. A full lock replacement may not be necessary either, so we’ll only quote you for the essential problem-solving work. Alternatively, we may give you quotes for a couple of options, i.e. to repair the lock or to replace it with something stronger.

Pixlocks is here for you whenever you encounter lockouts, broken locks, broken keys, or anything similar in East Yorkshire. We cover all towns and villages throughout the area, from the familiar to the remote. Locks do not discriminate – when they break, they break. And if this happens to you, just call us and we’ll be there within 45 minutes to solve the issue. Call us whenever you need us – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Always.