Repair or Replacement: Which Approach is Best for Your Door Locks?

Locks can break, just like any other mechanical item or piece of equipment. The question is, should you get a broken lock repaired or should you get a replacement instead?

Price is obviously a major factor in your decision, since no one wants to spend more than they need to in such instances. However, a replacement isn’t always going to be more expensive. It depends on how badly the lock is damaged, how expensive the replacement parts would be, and how long a repair would take compared to fitting a replacement.

However, there are a few things you should think about if you are faced with this scenario.

How old are your existing locks?

If they are many years old, they are very likely near the end of their life anyway. They could also be due for a more secure upgrade to provide further protection for your home.

Conversely, if you have only had them for a couple of years, replacement parts could be a better option. The caveat there would be if you only have cheap locks to start with. Why spend money repairing a weak lock when you could funnel that cash towards better locks that would provide better security?

Cheap locks with cheap replacement parts may not last long anyway

Replacement parts are fine, but cheaper locks are not going to have the same longevity as good quality locks. That means even a quick repair may not last the length of time you’d expect it to.

How long will a repair take compared to a replacement?

There is no easy answer to this. However, there are always two components to hiring any tradesperson to complete a job:

  • The cost of the parts required
  • The cost of labour

It could be that replacing a small fiddly part on a door lock would take twice the time it would require to replace the entire lock. If you have any uncertainty over which path to take, ask for a quote for each job. You can then weigh up whether one solution would be better than another (assuming you have the option of both).

Ask for advice on the best course to take

The whole reason for calling in an experienced locksmith is to take advantage of their advice and expertise. As such, it’s easy enough to ask whether your specific lock should be repaired or replaced. What do they advise? What would be the best course of action to take? If a repair is possible, how long could that last, and how good will your security be?

Old locks are always better off being replaced. Often, they cannot be trusted any more. Furthermore, if replacement parts are no longer available, this makes the decision for you. You can see though that getting advice and a no-obligation quote is always a great idea. Pixlocks can provide you with the quote you need via our 24-hour service, offered throughout Hull and the East Yorkshire area.