3 Reasons Why DIY Lock Replacement Isn’t a Good Idea

There are plenty of jobs many of us could handle around the home if we needed to. Watch a YouTube video, read a few step-by-step guides, and follow along.

But can we include lock repairs in that category?

We doubt it. Certainly, some jobs can be tackled by a competent DIY enthusiast. But if you try changing your own locks, there are several things that could easily trip you up, as we discover here.

1: It’s not easy to tell which parts need replacing

If you’re having trouble with a door or window lock, there could all kinds of things wrong with it. Maybe it’s stiff, temperamental, or simply won’t work.

Whatever the problem is, it may not be obvious. Even if you remove the lock and look at it more closely, you may not be able to tell which parts are worn out or broken, and therefore which parts you need to buy.

2: Replacement isn’t typically an easy job

Unless you know exactly what you are doing, of course. For a DIY novice, knowing how to access the lock, remove, and replace the broken parts isn’t easy. It could take far longer than you think.

It might also lead to further problems with the locking mechanism, even if you do find and replace the correct parts. You might not know the steps you should go through to test the lock prior to putting everything back together.

Next time you go out, you may not be able to safely lock your door… or get back in again.

3: Your home may end up less secure than before

You may purchase the wrong parts. You may fit them incorrectly. You may end up with parts that fit fine, but do not offer the same level of security the old parts did.

The idea is to at least replace like for like, but we would typically recommend using a better replacement if you can. Without possessing expert knowledge on the topic, this can be tougher to do than you would think.

A professional locksmith can provide three great assets

They can provide:

  1. An accurate assessment of what needs to be replaced
  2. A fast and effective replacement
  3. A working lock you can trust

All these elements can be provided for you faster and without the hassle you would have if you were to tackle the job on your own. You then need to ask yourself is it worth the risk of buying the wrong parts or finding you cannot fit them.

A professional locksmith in Hull also provides something you wouldn’t get if you decided to do this job on your own. They provide peace of mind. You know the job will be completed correctly – and in a manner you can trust.

If you want to be sure your home is protected and you have the best locks you can get, asking a Hull locksmith to take on any required repairs is the best way to do it.