How Secure are Key Lock Boxes?

Key lock boxes or safes were developed to give homeowners and other individuals a safe place to keep a spare set of keys. There could be plenty of reasons for this, but they are popular with holiday properties. There are also cases where workmen, family members, or others might need to get into the property without requiring a set of keys of their own.

If you’re thinking about investing in one of these key safes, there are a few things to be aware of before you do so.

Make sure you purchase a key safe from a well-known and reliable brand

Most people would be tempted to buy a cheaper key safe to save themselves some cash. However, the secure features of such items are not going to be as good as those offered by better (and pricier) brands.

Remember what you are keeping in the safe – keys to the property the box is going to be installed at. Would you risk those keys in a flimsy box that could easily be taken apart by whomever spotted it and became curious?

Where do you put a key safe?

The answer is not as simple as you’d think. It must be installed outside the property, so it can be accessed by someone who has been given the correct code to open it. The obvious place is right by the front door… but everyone is going to see it there. That highlights the fact you’ve got a key lock box with keys inside it.

Look around and choose a spot for installation of the lock box. Consider these elements:

  • Can people see it from the pavement or road outside the property?
  • Will someone trying to access the lock box be visible while doing so?
  • Is it obvious the item is a key safe?
  • Can it be hidden from view?

The best location would be somewhere lower than the obvious level you’d consider installing it at. We naturally look around at eye level, so if you go lower than that, a key box is less likely to be seen. You could also install it behind something else that would block its view, even from those who may approach the property to knock on the door.

How do you install a key lock box?

The only way to do it is to follow the instructions and be sure you use the correct tools to complete the box. It should be almost impossible for someone to remove the lock box from its position once in place. The most secure key safes are also going to be harder to break into in position, so this gives you double the protection when keeping your keys safe.

The best solution is to contact Pixlocks if you require a top of the range key safe for installation in Hull or anywhere in East Yorkshire. We’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote for the complete job. Accessibility, convenience, and security – you really can have them all.