Are Badly Fitted Windows and Doors Creating Draughts?

Older properties tend to be draughtier than new ones built to modern standards. However, any property can suffer from cold spots and draughty areas. One way this can occur is through gaps around doors and windows. Sometimes, the frames will be old or in need of some filler to close any gaps that may be present between the frame and the walls. However, if you check this and cannot find anything at all, you may be suffering from badly fitted windows or doors.

Does this only apply to older windows and doors?

No – in some cases, if these are newly fitted and a good job has not been done, there can still be gaps around the frames.

However, regardless of how old your windows and doors are, you should always check these first if you are suffering from draughts in your home (unless they are obviously coming from elsewhere).

Hold your hands up against each window and door and see if you can feel a draught coming in from anywhere. Mark anything that seems draughty with a piece of masking tape, so you remember where it is.

Sometimes, window seals can fail. On other occasions, a door can settle after being fitted and require adjustment a few weeks after an installation. It could also be the case that your door or window locks are failing to work properly. In this case, you may find it difficult to lock a door or window. This could potentially leave a gap between the frame and the window (or door), thus letting a draught in.


Get your locks sorted before the colder weather arrives

It’s easy to put things off on a mild day when there is no breeze. However, we all know how quickly the weather can change at this time of the year. The next few months are bound to bring colder weather, even if we escape the snow that never feels as if it is that far away. Once that wind starts to blow, you could end up losing a significant amount of heat out of your property and feel cold indoors.

A failed window lock or door lock is also a security risk, of course – burglars love trying to break into properties when they have many more hours of darkness to do it in. If you suspect an issue with your door or window locks is causing a draught or two inside your property, there is never a better time to resolve that issue than now.

Pixlocks offers a 45-minute callout service too, so you won’t need to wait that long to get the help and advice you need. Aside from our lock replacement and fitting services, we can also re-align any badly fitting doors that could be causing that draught. So, whether you need repairs, replacements, or both, call Pixlocks today to resolve your draughty door and window issues. When the temperature drops, as it surely will, you’ll be glad you did.