A Cheap Lock Could Cost You More Than You Think

How much do you enjoy saving money? Even though it is often difficult to resist temptation, there are situations in life where we must fork out for a repair or for a new item.

Locks are a good example of this. If you experience a problem with a door or window lock, you have two options:

  1. To repair it
  2. To replace it

In some instances, a replacement is the only solution. Repairs may not be possible, depending on the part that has broken and whether it is still available to purchase as a spare. When it comes to lock replacements, you have two options there as well:

  1. To get the cheapest solution you can
  2. To spend more and get a better quality of lock

Is saving money always the best solution?

Not always. If you hired a locksmith to replace a broken lock with a cheap alternative, your home or business won’t be as well protected as it would be if you spent more money to get a much better lock.

Considering the potential consequences of saving money

Sometimes a bargain is a good thing. It can represent a real saving. However, you still need to consider the quality of the service or item you are buying. Cheaper items don’t tend to last anywhere near as long as pricier ones. When the ticket price is higher, it tends to reflect the quality and workmanship that has gone into that item.

If we apply this thinking to the locks designed to protect your home, you’re likely to want the best protection you can get. Certainly, you likely have insurance to cover potential losses if your home was broken into. However, insurance is a lot like a fire extinguisher – good to have, yet you hope you’ll never have cause to use it.

Top quality locks can reduce the odds of being broken into

Many criminals are opportunists. If they have a choice between breaking into a property that they can see has weak locks or one that has the best locks on the market today, it’s obvious which one they are going to choose. There are other elements too, of course – the presence of a dog, for example.

So, if you are thinking of replacing a broken lock with a cheap option, think carefully before you do so. If someone broke in, you’d have to replace the locks again. You’d also need to sort out an insurance claim, potentially have damage to your home to resolve, and you’d have the feeling of being invaded too.

Spending more on a quality lock for your home (or set of locks to cover all doors and windows) could prove to be a smart decision. Yes, it costs more, but you are investing in home security that could save you money, time, and heartache later. Not everything can be replaced – and peace of mind is the hardest thing of all to replace once it has gone.