Window Locks and Secondary Security

Home security doesn’t stop at installing top-quality locks for your doors. Our locksmiths can also provide advice on the best window locks for your property, as well as secondary security options.

Anything you can do to improve the overall security of your home could make all the difference to whether a burglar will choose your home over someone else’s. The more steps you take to secure your property, the safer it will be.

For example, adding a door viewer can help you see who is outside before you open the front door. Adding patio door bolts to your patio doors will make these far harder to get access to for anyone who is thinking of breaking in.

Window locks are also very important. Many burglars don’t use doors to gain entry to a property; they focus on getting in through a window instead. It may prove easier to do this if the window is only shut and not locked. Ideally, every window should have a lock that requires a key to be used to open and to lock it.

Contact Pixlocks today to ask one of our professional and qualified locksmiths to assess your property for window locks and secondary security measures. We can provide no-obligation quotations as well as peace-of-mind (this comes free of charge).

It’s easy to focus on getting the best-quality door locks and it makes sense to do so. However, this should be the first line of defence. As you’ve seen, getting stronger window locks and adding in other security measures also makes your property safer and harder to break into. Anything you can do to provide a deterrent would be a smart choice – and our locksmiths can advise you on the best measures you can take.

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