Master keyed systems

Master keys can be very useful in some situations, and if you think your business could benefit from a master key system, talk to the Locksmith team at Pixlocks today for more advice.

A master keyed system consists of several locks that each have their own key, just as you’d expect would be needed. However, this system also allows for a master key that means whoever holds that key can unlock several – or even all – the locks in the doors included in the system.

This is ideal in situations where someone is responsible for an entire building that has many locked doors in it. Let’s say you have a building with 24 locked doors, and the rooms in the building are checked and maintained daily. If you employ maintenance staff, they will need to carry 24 separate keys to access all those rooms whenever required. Thus, it is far easier to install a master keyed system whereby they may only need a single key to unlock the doors they need access to.

Pixlocks can advise you on all aspects of master keyed systems – how they work, how you can make them work for you, and how versatile and secure they are. You don’t need to include every door in the system, either. The beauty of the system is you can ensure it works for you and still provides security if there are rooms other staff do not need access to.

Call Pixlocks today for a free no-obligation appointment to discuss your requirements. We’ll be delighted to help you find the best master keyed system to fit your needs, and to provide a quote for you, too. With the help of our locksmiths in Hull, your property or business could soon be much safer than it is already. Furthermore, the master key system means you can keep certain doors locked and have others accessible by specific people. This can save time and still ensure the security of the building is as good as it needs to be. Call Pixlocks now on 01482 247364 and find out why we are the number one choice in Hull & East Yorkshire.