Hull Locksmith

I’m Guy Gilbert from PixLocks. We are Hull locksmiths and provide a full range of locksmith services. I’ve recently started this blog with the aim of imparting information about various different topics about locksmithing in general, home security and plan to provide you with as much reading as you need in order to choose Pixlocks as your expert local locksmiths. You probably won’t be reading this blog post if you’ve just been locked out of your house or flat, if this is the case then you’re probably on your phone right now searching the Internet for a locksmith to help you – hopefully you’ve just called me.

You’re more likely to be reading this if you are thinking of changing your locks because you’re aware that they are old ones and might be in need of fixing or changing quite soon. Does that key feel different in your door lock lately? Is it a bit harder to turn the key than usual? Simply having a new key cut might be the answer.
You can call Pixlocks whether you need a residential or commercial locksmith, for the following range of services:

Window Locks and Secondary Security – whenever most people think of locks the first things that comes to their kind is door locks. But don’t forget about window locks too. They can be very important.

Digital Locks – If you want digital locks then PixLocks can provide and fit them. Digital locks can help to increase the security in your home as they don’t require a traditional metal key.

Door Closers – door closers can be particularly useful and are mostly used in commercial premses. Forget to shut the door behind you? You won’t with a door closer fitted to your doors!

Padlocks & Mortice Locks – At PixLocks, we pride ourselves in being experienced in being able to fit all kinds of locks. Whatever you need.

Fire Exit Panic Hardware – these are very useful and legally required in many instances and PixLocks can supply and fit this type of hardware.

Cylinders – need new lock cylinders fitting? Come to PixLocks.
UPVC Locks & Night latches – these really can help to improve security. Don’t just concentrate on your door locks, think of your windows too!

Locked Out Service – it happens to the best of us. If you’ve been locked out, call PixLocks.

Lock Problems & Locks Changed – Faulty, worn or damaged locks? We can provide news ones very quickly. We stock a full range of locks.

Lock Upgrades – Do your old locks just not cut it anymore? Fancy some uprated, new ones? PixLocks can help.

High Security Locks – Increase the security of your doors and windows with PixLocks’ lock fitting service.

Master Keyed Systems – Very popular and something we’re particularly experienced in.

Replacement Handles – replace those old and worn handles.

Window Locks – Important in helping to keeping intruders out.

Garage Locks – Stop burglars from entering what is often thought of as one of the weakest points of entry into your home.

Secure Key Boxes – Storage your possessions in these. Very useful.

All types/makes of locks supplied and fitted – If PixLocks don’t fit them then they don’t make them. We supply and fit all of the major brands of locks.

If you need our help call us now on 07921451467 or 01482 247364. With a quick response times, PixLocks is the premier Hull locksmith to use for all of your lock problems.