uPVC Door Adjustment

Doors of all kinds are notoriously difficult to hang. Even when they’re done properly, they can settle over the next few days or weeks. That means even if they fitted properly to start with, they can cause problems for you after a while.

Of course, any door may need adjusting over time, including uPVC doors. If you’re having problems closing one of your doors, or you can close it but you’re having trouble locking it, don’t worry. The team at Pixlocks is here to help. Simply call us to book an appointment so we can help realign your front or back doors where needed. Don’t continue to struggle with them, because there could come a day when you cannot close them at all.

Moreover, we can also hang new uPVC doors for you if needed. We don’t just handle locks for doors and windows, either – we can supply the exact uPVC door you require and hang and align it for you. So, instead of calling someone else in to fit them, why not call a team you know you can rely on?

We’re based in Hull and can visit any customer in the Hull and East Yorkshire area when required. Even if your existing door is causing you untold problems, you may not need to replace it. In many cases, a realignment of the door is all that is needed to make it easy to shut and lock again. We’ll assess the condition of the door and the work required. Very often, we can realign the door on the spot, so you get the results you want in no time at all.

Of course, if you do want a new uPVC door, we’ll be delighted to quote you for it and for hanging it for you as well. There’s no obligation to go ahead, but you’ll soon find out why plenty of other satisfied customers throughout the Hull and East Yorkshire area always turn to Pixlocks when they have issues with their doors. Make sure your doors fit as they should do, and secure your home with ease today.