Window Locks

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If you’re focusing on better home security, you’re probably thinking about how good your door locks are at keeping out would-be burglars. However, your window locks are just as important to get right.

While the front door is often the most popular way to gain entry to a property, windows come a close second. If a window is left open, this is a big invitation for someone to climb in – something that can be done in seconds. But even if you keep your windows shut and locked, they are only as good as the window locks you have in place.

Pixlocks can advise you on how secure and strong your current window locks are, and whether there is anything you can do to upgrade them. Modern locks are far harder to break through than older ones. If it has been awhile since your windows were installed, or you’ve moved into a property with old windows and/or locks, call us today to find out how we can help. We are experienced in providing the best locks on the market for windows of all shapes and sizes. We can provide locks that enable the window to be locked ajar to allow for airflow and good home security as well.

We operate throughout the Hull and East Yorkshire area, so if you live anywhere in that region, call today to arrange a convenient appointment. Even if you have the best door locks on the market, your window locks could be letting you down and weakening your home security. If so, wouldn’t you like the chance to put that right and invest in the strongest locks on the market today?

Our team can help, and provide free home security advice, too. Upgrade your window locks today and give yourself increased peace of mind, whether you are at home or not. Make your property a harder challenge for burglars, and they’ll probably go elsewhere instead. We can help you make your home safer and more secure, courtesy of the best range of window locks currently on the market. Call now to learn more.