UPVC Locks and Night Latches

If you have uPVC doors and windows, it is important to get the right locks to make them fully secure. Night latches are designed to improve your security by allowing you to shut the door from the outside while needing a key to get back in.

For example, your back door may not have a night latch lock. If you can go outside, shut the door behind you and then turn the handle to open the door, it’s not a night latch. However, if you go outside your front door and shut it behind you, you should need a key to get back in. Turning the handle won’t have any effect in this instance, and that is the security feature offered by a night latch-style lock.

There are many different types of uPVC locks and night latches on the market. That can make it more difficult to know which ones are best. You want thief-resistant locks to protect your home, and locks that are easy for you to use and secure too. So, it’s good to know you can ask the team at Pixlocks for advice on the most appropriate locks for your uPVC doors and windows. We’ll also provide advice on night latches that will fit your doors, so you can be certain your property is always secure.

Another advantage of fitting night latches is that many of them are approved by insurers. So, if you invest in better locks, you may notice a cheaper premium for your home insurance. We’ll also advise you on the best locks to use that have the British Standard Kitemark on them – a clear sign of quality you can trust. Call us now and ask for advice or book an appointment for us to visit your property instead.