Padlocks and Mortice Locks

Most people have heard of a mortice lock, but few understand what it is. Simply speaking, it’s a type of lock that is fitted into a hole cut into the door. You’ll also hear terms including dead locks, lever mortice locks and cylinder mortice locks in use. The lever mortice locks also come in three- and five-lever versions. No wonder lots of people are confused as to which locks they have and whether they could get anything safer or better.

Rest assured the Pixlocks team will be happy to examine your locks to see whether you can improve on the current mortice locks your property has installed. We can replace existing mortice locks with up-to-date, security-conscious models, and install new ones to replace other types of locks as well if required. We can also provide no-obligation quotations for whatever locks you need (and however many you require).

As for padlocks, these can be the ideal way to secure any outer buildings you might have. Sheds, garages and even bike storage sheds can all be secured using a good-quality padlock. While you can buy cheap padlocks from a variety of sources, you’re not going to get a high level of security from a cheap padlock. If you contact Pixlocks, we’d be happy to recommend a padlock that will suit your needs and your budget, as well as providing the level of security you require.

Our locksmiths in Hull and East Yorkshire can ensure you get the best padlocks and mortice locks for your home, exterior buildings and even your business. Call now to find out how competitive we are, and to see how good our service is. There’s a reason many of our customers come via recommendation. Find out why that is by contacting us today for more information.