Door Closers

The Pixlocks team installs all kinds of locks on both interior and exterior doors, as well as at private properties and business premises. But while people assume our Hull locksmiths handle everything to do with locks and security, they don’t tend to think about door closers.

Not every property needs a door closer, but if you have a business or you own a property where such closers are a vital piece of safety equipment, you know how important it is to have them in place. If you know you need one or more door closers but you’re not sure where to start, call our team today for a free appointment. We can supply and fit a wide range of door closers for fire doors and other doors where security is vital. We’ll provide good pricing and a friendly, professional service too. In fact, everything you could want from Pixlocks and more.

A door closer is a device that ensures the door closes safely when it is opened to let someone walk through. If there is no door closer installed, the door may stay partially open after the person walks through it. If a fire were to break out, the fire door would not be any use as it would be standing open, thus enabling air to feed the fire and possibly leading to its spread beyond the point it would have spread to if the door had been shut.

The Pixlocks team is experienced in assessing all doors for their door closer requirements. The size of the door is very important to consider, as is its weight and the required position of the closer. These elements help narrow down the options. When you choose us, you can be sure of getting the right door closers for each door you have where one is required.

Contact us now for more information and remember we’re only too happy to answer any questions you might have. Pixlocks operates throughout the Hull and East Yorkshire area and we serve all businesses and homeowners, so call us now to learn more about the possibilities.