Will My Door Be Ruined if a Locksmith Has to Gain Access to My Property?

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This is a common question that often comes up when someone has to call a locksmith to help them get into their property. Maybe they’ve lost their keys or they’ve been locked out by accident. Here at Pixlocks, our Hull locksmiths also attend properties where the key has broken off inside the lock. You’d be surprised the variety of situations we see from day to day.

All the above situations have something in common – we need to gain access to the property but we don’t have a key to do it with. That’s why we’ve been called in the first place. But we don’t specialise in hammering the door off its hinges or employing any other destructive method to gain entry to your property.

Sometimes we are able to pick the lock to get in. This is usually the preferred method to use if there is nothing in the lock to impede entry. Even if a broken key is in there, we can sometimes wiggle it out gently without causing any problems.

In some situations, the homeowner will request new locks to be fitted. This may happen if they have lost their keys and they cannot remember where they are. This could mean someone else has them and could therefore gain easy entry when the homeowner is out.

But the good news is you won’t have to worry about the cost of having an entire new door fitted as a result of having a Hull locksmith from our team getting into your property for you. Indeed, if you’ve contacted other locksmiths as well as us, and they don’t think they can get in without causing damage to the door, please do let us have a look. It’s exceptionally rare for this to be the case. Lock picking and other non-destructive entry methods can almost certainly be used to minimise any hassle or damage as a result of a broken lock or key.

You’re just one call away from finding out whether that’s the case for you as well.