Upgrading to Yale Doormaster Locks in Hull & East Yorkshire


Pixlocks Yale Hull East Yorkshire

Even if you haven’t heard of Doormaster before, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of Yale. This name is synonymous with door locks, and rightly so – they’ve been around since 1843. A lot has changed since then in the world of locks and bolts, but you can be sure Yale is still at the forefront of the industry.

So much so, in fact, they have created the Doormaster range of locks. This is unique and offers several benefits:

  • You get the reliability and strength you need from your locks
  • You get the confidence that comes with using Yale locks
  • If your lock should ever break, you can easily replace it

Now you might be wondering about that last point. Surely that applies to any lock? In actual fact, this isn’t the case. Very often when a lock is broken, the entire door has to be replaced along with the lock. Doors aren’t cheap, and while calling out a locksmith in Hull to replace your locks doesn’t have to cost the earth, replacing your door could push up the bill significantly.

Not so with Doormaster locks from Yale, though. Not only do they fit in any type of door, they can also be easily replaced without needing to replace the door as well. And if you call Pixlocks to help, you’ll be in safe hands, as we belong to the Yale Experts Network. That basically means you can rely on us to replace your locks and secure your home, along with giving expert advice on which Doormaster locks you might need in the first place.

Few people know much about locks. It’s something you don’t tend to think about unless there is a reason for it. So if you live in the East Yorkshire area and you’re thinking of replacing your locks for some reason, why not call us today to see what we can do for you? We’re here to provide advice and support regarding Yale locks of all kinds, but you never know, the Doormaster range could be just what you’re looking for at the moment.

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