Tips for better Home Security

Deadbolts won’t always work in providing security for your homes. Sometimes, in order to achieve maximum security, you need to install complex devices. However, the success rate greatly depends on how willing are the household members to take part with your security arrangements given a complex setting. Take note that it’s not just you who will take part in the security plan you propose so plot everything effectively and solicit the ideas of each member such that convenience and security go hand in hand. Now, here are some tips you can use to effectively implement home security without putting lots of efforts in setting up complicated security systems.

1. Make sure your home does not appear empty

A house that appears to be abandoned with all the lights off, doors compactly shut, front yard full of newspapers and zero noise will give an impression for thieves to break in. They are seeking for opportunities like this so part of your security plan should include making your house seem occupied at the very least. Schedule turning on interior lights using timers. Another simple way is to leave the radio on such that it’s loud enough to be heard outside. Empty cars on garage will also give thieves a clue so try to arrange with a trusted neighbor to park their cars on your driveway so it looks occupied.

2. Make perimeter fences

A high fence or security wall is one of the most effective home security measures and considered to be the primary security tactic in many homes. However, make sure it does not leave empty spaces enough for someone to sneak in. It should be built in a way that it’s difficult to penetrate or climb. You can also try installing motion detectors for effective monitoring.

3. Light your entrances

Most thieves act out at night when all lights are off so no one can see their modus. So make sure all potential points of entry are well lit. Installing motion detector lights can also be a great measure since it can detect motions around it and is inexpensive.

4. Install peepholes and padlocks on doors

If you are not sure which door lock to pick, try to consult locksmiths. They are experts on giving home security advises and performing installation of high security deadbolts. You can also look for an emergency 24 hours locksmith whom you can talk to during unexpected lock breakages. To find tips on how to find a good locksmith, try to reach out your local directories and ask trusted sites. Choose only those who are certified and have proven skills in performing locksmith services.
The most typical padlock comes in keyed versions. Safe keep a note of the key and never share it to your friends. Also put metal bars on your sliding doors since it is susceptible for breaking. If there are screws on top and bottom, don’t forget to tighten it up once you leave the house.

5. Install alarm systems

Thieves consider alarm systems as physical hindrances for their modus operandi. In remote areas where police forces seem to be minimal, installing one is highly recommended. However, cheaper alarm systems can easily be disabled using another device. Choose an unfamiliar, more expensive alarm system device instead. It will help you reach 999 via protocol that sends requests to the police force during unexpected alerts.