Three Crucial Things to Consider When Using a Secure Key Box

Secure key boxes are easily available from several sources. They’re becoming popular for use in many scenarios, too:

  • They’re ideal for using at holiday rental properties – the owner can leave the keys inside the key box and give the holidaymaker the code in advance of arrival. This means the owner doesn’t need to be on site when the holidaymaker arrives.
  • They’re good to use as a failsafe in case you lose your keys – maybe you often misplace your keys or just want the peace of mind of knowing there’s a spare set within easy reach
  • Some people use them to allow access to rented properties by tradesmen – this is a good option if you cannot always be around to grant access
  • They are also good for the elderly or disabled when carers need to access the property – the carer can get to the key and go into the property to help their client get up in the morning, for example

If you think a key box is right for you, read the following advice before purchasing one. Not all secure key boxes are equal. It’s tempting to buy one of the cheaper models, but these are not as secure as the more expensive ones.

Here are three things you should think about before purchasing a key box.

1: Location is key

Yes, the location of your key box is key if you want your property to be as secure as possible. Many people place them right by the door the keys are intended for. This makes sense, right? Why walk further than you need to when you want to get to the keys?

Trouble is, this makes the key box easy to spot by anyone looking to break in. Unless the key box is within sight of the pavement or road, it makes better sense to position it elsewhere – somewhere no one can see it.

2: How many digits does your key box require to be opened?

Many cheaper models require just four digits to be entered. The better models require a six-digit code to be used. This provides more options and less chance of anyone breaking into it by getting the correct code.

3: Is it designed to be securely attached in your chosen position?

Look for key boxes that require anchor bolts or something similar, so you can attach it to your desired surface. You don’t want a box that can easily be taken off the wall and broken into with a hammer or saw.

Your property is only as secure as the quality of your key box. Choosing the best one makes all the difference. Pixlocks can provide no-obligation advice on secure key boxes for your needs. We can supply and fit a range of high-quality secure key boxes that are among the best on the market today. Call now to enquire about our services and to make sure your property is as secure as it can possibly be.