Thinking About Adding Extra Locks to Your Doors?

If there is something wrong with the locks on your doors, you may well think of getting them replaced. But even if you have locks that work perfectly well, you could still add more to your existing doors and windows if you are still worried about security.

Many uPVC doors and windows have a single locking point on them. Think about your front door if you have one in this design. You pull it closed, push the handle up and then walk away. That’s only a very basic way of shutting it. Turning the handle up means the locking bolts will engage, but all someone has to do to disengage them is to turn the handle back down again. They still need to get in, but you’re only providing them with a single lock as a challenge.

You should definitely get into the habit of properly locking your uPVC door if you have one. Turn the handle and then lock it to keep those bolts in place. However, if you want to have additional locks and security in place, speak to someone at Pixlocks to make it happen.

Two locks will give you double the degree of security. And of course, you can have additional locks fitted to your back door as well as the one at the front of your property. It is also worth getting expert advice from a Hull locksmith regarding the locks on your windows. This will ensure you have the very best chance of securing your property in the best possible way.

And while you are getting a quote from our Hull locksmith, why not ask about having new door handles as well? They can often get scratched or damaged because of the amount of use they get, and it can really bring down the overall appearance of your door. The best time to get them fitted is when you have new locks added or your existing ones upgraded. Why not ask us about this service today? It could certainly make life easier for you – not to mention more secure. For any locksmith quote please do contact us.