Before Calling a Locksmith you should ….

The One Thing You Should Look At Before Calling a Locksmith

When you have the need to call a locksmith, you probably don’t spend too much time selecting one. If you need your locks changing because your home has been broken into, or your window locks changed because of some other issue, you’ll want a fast service.

It’s fair enough to need and want a fast service too – it’s part of a good overall service and experience. However, there is one question we have not yet covered with regard to choosing a locksmith. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, and you may not even realise there is an option.

What is it? Simply this: Does your locksmith charge a callout fee?

Do you need to pay this fee?

Now you may reasonably assume every locksmith does charge this fee. You pay a certain amount as the callout fee, and then you pay an additional amount for the job required and the parts as well on top. Yet in reality not every locksmith does charge a callout fee. We don’t, for example.

This can make a big difference to the amount you might end up paying for the job that needs doing. This is why most people would get a few quotes and ring round a few locksmiths before choosing the best one for the job at hand.

The benefits of having no callout charge or fee

When a locksmith has a callout charge you’ll know you have to pay this before paying for anything else. Suddenly what seemed to be a straightforward job could be a lot more complex and expensive. You might wonder how expensive too.

That’s why having no callout charge is a good place to start from. If the locksmith turns up and you don’t want to go ahead with their quote, you won’t have lost out on anything.

Of course, the team at Pixlocks has assisted many people, both homeowners and business people, with all kinds of lock problems and issues. We never charge a callout fee and we have many repeat customers across Hull who have recommended us to other people as well. We have relied largely on recommendations to help us expand our business to its current size. We believe the decision to scrap a callout charge has helped us grow our business significantly. We also think we’ve been able to come out and see many more customers than may have been the case if we did have a fee. After all, we can check out each job and give an accurate quote for the work straightaway, with no charge to the person who called us before we begin.

Doesn’t that sound like a great way to get started on a job? We get to meet you, you get to meet us and we can discuss what is required with no charge at all to you until work begins. We think it makes sense to provide our Hull locksmith service like this, and our customers tend to agree.