Problems With Your Locks?

Locks don’t last for ever, no matter how good they are. The better ones will have a longer lifespan of course, which is good to know. However if you have recently moved into a new property or you know your locks are years old, it may be a good idea to get them checked.

There are also signs you should watch out for to determine whether it is time to call in a Hull locksmith.

Is your lock stiff?

Sometimes a lock can become stiff and troublesome to use. If it gets too bad you can find yourself wondering whether you will be able to get back in again when you go out.

This could signal a problem with the lock. Rather than putting it to the back of your mind and waiting until you get a problem with it, why not call out the Pixlocks team to take a look at it now? We never charge a fee for coming out to see you, so you don’t have to worry about paying before you choose to use one of our services.

Are you wiggling your key every time you lock or unlock your door?

This could also signal a problem with your door locks. There could be something wrong with them that might jeopardise your home security. Would you leave your security to chance, or even run the risk of finding it impossible to get back into your home once you get back? You may not even be able to lock it if you have to wiggle your key in the lock every time you use it.

Loose locks?

If your lock is loose it may not be that secure at all. Furthermore, if a would-be burglar comes along and tests your locks, he’ll know straightaway how secure (or not) they are. Loose locks can be very enticing to burglars. They know how to get through numerous kinds of locks to access a property, and loose locks may attract them. That’s just what you don’t want to do.

As you can see, experiencing any kinds of problems with your locks could mean you have trouble entering or exiting your house or locking your door. It can also compromise the safety of your property, which is perhaps the most important thing to remember.

If you spot any of the above signs with your own door locks, make sure you call in a Hull locksmith as quickly as you can. The sooner you can do this, the sooner you can find out whether your locks do have an issue and whether you need to replace them.

On some occasions you may find you could get away with keeping the same locks for a bit longer. However, would you really want to? Would it be safe to do this if you had a problem with them that could eventually mean you cannot gain access to your home, or that meant you were burgled?

As you can see, it could be a case of better safe than sorry.