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Fitting doors may appear to be an easy job, but in reality it is anything but. Not only can it take some time to fit a door properly, it is also quite common to experience problems with it in the days and weeks following its installation.

Why? It’s because a newly-fitted door can easily drop by some distance. Once it is fitted, it can then settle into place in the days immediately afterwards. Therefore, while it may have opened and closed without any issues to begin with, it may have settled into place after installation. This means it could be fine one day, and the next you might end up having problems with it sticking or not fitting properly.

Poorly-aligned doors may not close or open

Doors don’t have to be brand new to experience problems like this. They can happen for all kinds of reasons. You may find you have a door that constantly sticks and is always a pain to open and close. Similarly, you may find a new door may suddenly refuse to close at all, no matter how hard you try. In another example, you could close and lock it without incident, and then return home to find it has stuck and you cannot open it.

Door alignment needs to be done by an expert who can identify the problem areas and resolve them as quickly as possible. Very often the door itself is not at fault, and neither are the locks. If the door has come out of alignment by even the smallest amount, it can fail to open or close.

Call Pixlocks to get your doors sorted now

Whether you have brand-new doors fitted that have started causing problems, or you have a door that has always been ‘sticky’ or problematic, call Pixlocks now. Our team of experts can attend your property, check the doors concerned and make sure they are put back into proper alignment. Our experience in adjusting doors means we can also hang brand new ones, so if you need one or more new doors fitted, get in touch today. External doors can also be fitted with top-quality locks and bolts for maximum security.

In fact, if you want your external doors realigned, why not ask our team about the quality of the locks you currently have installed? You may find you can improve your level of home security simply by changing the locks at the same time you have your doors realigned.

A simple adjustment to any door in your home could make all the difference to your confidence in using that door. If you’ve ever experienced a door that sticks, or that doesn’t close or open when you need it to, you will know how frustrating that can be. Yet this can easily be resolved simply by calling us here at Pixlocks. When you do, you can be certain you will get the offending door(s) back in full working order again as quickly as possible.