We Offer a Host of Services

Most Hull locksmith service companies offer a host of services. This ensures that they have a diversified portfolio so that in case one part of their business segment is down the other is up and running. The companies are never short of things to do and thus never experience cash flow problems. Locksmith services by Hull locksmiths fall under any of the following major categories.

Design and Installation

Design involves drafting the best security solution for a company or a home. This design may be purely physical or a combination of both physical and logical designs. Physical design includes lock installation, key cutting, changing the combinations on a safe, lost key replication and duplication among others. The logical design includes security software programming, systems upgrade, access controls definitions among others. Installation is the implementation of the design. It involves assigning the fingerprints rights on the system, giving keys to the various doors and cabinets on need basis, customizing the software to suit the organisational security needs among others.


For a security design to work for an organisation or an individual, a thorough training on the security procedures incorporated in the system must be given. Security systems require absolute dedication to the procedures trained to succeed. Training also involves ensuring that each individual in the organization or home knows his security pass code and that it his responsibility to make the system work. More importantly, training sensitizes the members of the organization about the security threats the organisation faces and thus help make them part of the security system. Part of the locksmith services company’s staff duty is to ensure strict adherence to the trained procedures lest the customer claims the system is not working for them.


Locksmith services also involve a lot of repairs. From door to cabinet locks, system troubleshooting to bugs removal, lost keys replication to keys duplication; a locksmith is expected to handle these functions as part of the contract. Repairs are a major income earner for the locksmiths and they therefore take it very serious.

Security System Management

Another important segment of locksmith services is the security system management. Security services company teams are responsible for upgrades; both physical and logical. In conjunction with the security administrator of the organisation or house, they are responsible for the day to day operations of the security system. They handle the user’s queries and give customer support on a day to day basis.

24-hour Emergency Services

Locksmith services have increasingly become a 24 hour operation. There are few locksmiths worth his salt that does not have at least a night desk so that if a customer calls for support, somebody in the office will handle the customer queries. Even if there is no technician at night, most locksmiths have a customer care executive at the office so that if there is an emergency, the executive can notify the technician. The 24-hour locksmith services have had a major effect on the business of locksmith companies as it represents a major source of revenue that was formerly not there.

Other locksmith services include; laser key cutting, domestic safes management, Chip programming, and many more. The locksmith industry has grown in leaps and bounds for the last 20 years principally because of integrating the locksmith services with ICT. One can only hope that in future, the industry will continue to provide more and more sophisticated solutions to their customers.