Moving into a new property in Hull, East Yorkshire? Make Sure New Keys Are On Your List

Are you moving house this year? You could be moving anywhere in Hull, East Yorkshire – perhaps somewhere larger, somewhere smaller or just somewhere more practical. Whatever you have in mind, moving into a new property you own brings with it a big to-do list. And one of the most important things on that list is making sure you have a set of new keys cut.

Even though you typically hand in your keys when you sell a property and move out, you never know if every set of keys has been handed in for the property you are moving to. That’s why it is imperative to get some new locks installed for which you and only you have the keys to. As far as security goes, this is by far the most important step to take when you move somewhere else.

New keys and better locks

Our locksmith in Hull is more than familiar with installing new locks and issuing new keys to new householders. However, don’t just replace like-for-like. This is an excellent time to get some expert advice on the condition of the locks that are present in your new property. If you’re unsure how secure they are, or whether it would be an idea to upgrade them, just ask.

While your door locks will be top of your list to sort out, you might also want to consider replacing your window locks. In some cases, depending on the quality of the existing windows, you may simply want to wait and replace them in due course. However, if the windows are sound but the locks could be improved upon, you may want to upgrade them to improve your security.

Don’t forget the back door

The first door you see when you approach most properties is of course the front door. Yet this isn’t the most insecure of places. It’s too easy to be seen for anyone trying to break in. That’s why less than one-third of burglars gain access to a property this way.

In contrast, almost two-thirds of burglars opt for the rear of the premises when they want to break in. They’re out of sight of most people and passers-by, and that gives them more time to get in.

It’s also the reason why you should get the locks on your back doors changed too, particularly when you move into a new property. It’s tempting to get other tasks on your to-do list done first, but really, nothing is more important than handling your security requirements.

So if you are moving house soon, or you have just done so and you haven’t got new locks and keys sorted out yet, get in touch with the team at Pixlocks. We provide advice for free and a fast and friendly service as well. The New Year could start with moving into a new property, but it makes sense to ensure that property is as safe and secure as it can possibly be, doesn’t it?