Losing Your Keys Can Happen Anytime

Would you be prepared if you lost your keys? It happens to many people at one time or another. Maybe you are forever leaving your keys behind or misplacing them. Even if you eventually find them you probably had a mini panic at the thought of not being able to get indoors.

Of course many people will have a trusted neighbour they can leave a key with. In this case they will have someone to turn to in order to get into their home. But how confident would you be that you’d just misplaced your keys? How would you know someone hadn’t got hold of them while you weren’t looking? This might be a rarity but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Would you be happy to assume you’d lost them?

The other thing to consider is what you would do if your neighbour wasn’t at home. They might be out just when you need to ask them for your spare key. Then you’d be stuck.

Call out a 24-hour locksmith in Hull

If you live in the Hull area and you can’t find your keys, you’ll need a locksmith to help you out. It’s good to be prepared for this before you need to be. Take a moment to program the number of our service into your phone under the name Pixlocks: 24-hour locksmith Hull. That gives you all the info you need to look us up and give us a call when you need us. We’ll come out at 3pm, 11pm or 2am in the morning. If you work shifts and you get in at 5am, we can be there for you if you’ve lost your keys.

No one wants to go through this experience but if you think your keys may have been misplaced or even stolen, it’s worth getting new locks fitted as soon as possible. Of course you might have left your keys elsewhere and you don’t have any means of getting them back for a few days. However you still need to get into your home.

Our locksmith service will focus on using the best-possible means to get into your home. We’ll use the least-destructive method we can. However if we have to break your locks to get in, we’ll install high-quality locks as a replacement for you. We’ll also be able to guide you through the different options.

Getting into a routine

The best way to keep your keys safe is always to keep them in the same place. This could be in a specific drawer, in your bag or somewhere else that is a regular spot to put them down in. This minimises the chances of mislaying them or forgetting where you have put them.

Leaving a key with a neighbour is great too, but as we have seen it may not solve all your problems. Be prepared and key our number into your phone now. That way, if you ever need us you’ll only have to press a button or two to get in touch.