Is Your Log Cabin Locked Up?

We all take measures to ensure the locks on the front and rear doors of our homes are as good as they can be. But if you have a log cabin, do you take the same measures with that, too?

Log cabins are springing up all over the country. They come in a range of sizes and finishes, with budget models selling alongside top-of-the-range ones. They all come with a lock and key, but do you know whether that lock is as good as it should be?

Log cabins can be tempting for burglars to break into. They are more likely to encounter people if they try and break into the main property, yet log cabins are likely to be positioned near the end of the garden. If someone can gain access to the garden, they might be tempted to try and get into the log cabin – particularly since it is easier to see through the windows to get an idea of what is in there.

You can see how persuasive it could be for a burglar to try and break into a log cabin. That makes it even more important to protect what you have in there. You may have purchased a cabin complete with a top-quality lock, but if you are unsure what you have, the Pixlocks team can look at it for you. We provide no-obligation, free advice, and will recommend a better, more secure lock if one is available.

The sooner you replace a substandard lock, the better. You might be surprised at the value of the items you keep in your log cabin. Some are set up as home offices, complete with computer equipment galore. But even a child’s playroom, a gaming room, or a spare bedroom can have items there that are pricey, and would be expensive to replace if they were stolen.

One final note – don’t forget the window locks, either. Very few log cabins have excellent window locks, and some don’t have anything in place at all. How does yours fare, and can you improve it by asking our Hull locksmiths if they can do better?