Are Your Locks as Good as You Think They Are?

Door locks and window locks help keep our homes, garages, and outbuildings safe. But are you locking up your property each day, believing it to be safe and secure, when your locks are far from the best on the market?

It’s hard to tell at first glance how strong your locks are. Double-locking doors is something most of us are familiar with, but even if you do have more than one lock, it doesn’t mean your door is secure.

Many people wait until the worst happens before they upgrade their door and window locks. Unfortunately, while this protects the property for the future, it doesn’t take away the upset and hassle caused by the break-in to begin with. That’s why it is always better to be proactive and to find out just how good your locks are before something happens to prove how good – or bad – they are.

The Pixlocks team works throughout the Hull and East Yorkshire area. That means we’ll gladly come out to any business or private property to assess the locks and provide suggestions for better ones. Even if you don’t get the best locks on the market, there is a chance you could improve on the ones you have now. If you do have new locks fitted, we can provide you with however many keys you require for them – both for windows and doors.

Home security is important to us all. But it’s surprising how many of us might be living under a false pretence, assuming our homes are safe because we have locked the doors, when in fact they may be nowhere near as safe as we might expect. Call Pixlocks now to find out whether your locks are as good as you think they are.