Keeping Your Holiday Property Secure

Keys in door lock

Keys in door lock Hull Locksmith

When you are at home all the time, you’ve got some idea of how secure your property is. But what about a holiday property you might have in East Yorkshire? If you have one, can you be confident it is secure, or do you worry it might be vulnerable to break-ins?

A holiday property could be used just for your purposes, as an escape at the weekends or to holiday in at certain times of the year. On the other hand, you may hire it out for other people to stay in for short breaks and holidays. Either way, you need to know it is secure for the period of time you won’t be there, and no one else is there either.

There are a variety of ways you can do this. Getting modern door and window locks installed is a very good idea. While there may not be too much in there to steal in terms of valuables as there would be at home, you still don’t want anyone breaking in. Strong locks will put off all but the most determined, who may decide to try elsewhere anyway.

If you are operating the property as a holiday let, you could have a secure key box installed outside. This is designed to safely hold a key. When someone books your property, you can provide them with the code to access the key and get inside the property. When they leave, you can ask them to put the key back inside. The key is then ready and waiting for the next person to use for the duration of their stay.

As you can see, security is an important issue when you own a property you won’t be at for long periods of time. Even if you go in weekly to clean up and make it ready for the next people to arrive, you will still have periods where no one is booked in. Leaving a property unattended for long periods could make burglars curious enough to try and break in.

Are you going to make it as hard as possible for them to do so?

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