How Secure is the Rear of Your Home?

A lot of us tend to focus on the front door as the main point of entry to our homes. This is probably because this is the way we would gain access most of the time. Of course, we have a key. We’re not looking to break into the property.

Now put yourself in the position of a burglar. Take a fresh look at your home. If you wanted to break in, how would you do it? The chances are you wouldn’t go through the front door. If you did, you’d very likely be seen by anyone who was passing, not to mention neighbours. If the door was open and it was an opportunistic crime, it would be different. But let’s say that wasn’t the case. Even though 28% of burglars gain access via the front of a building, this isn’t the most popular method.

Almost two-thirds of burglaries focus on another part of the home

That is reserved for – you guessed it – the rear of the building. Why? Simply because far fewer people are likely to see someone break in that way. There would be a far greater chance that a burglar could work undisturbed if they focused on the rear door instead of the front door.

It is also sometimes the case that homeowners focus on having a much more secure front door than back door. There could be a secondary lock on the front door but not on the back. Without the aid of street lighting the burglar may also go unnoticed and undisturbed quite easily, which wouldn’t be the case at the front door.

How secure is your back door?

We’re not just talking about the door here either. Think about the windows at the rear of your property as well. The better the keys and bolts are, the more secure your property will be. In addition, you should think about adding other things that will up your level of security even more.

One of the best additions would be security lighting. Since burglars love to work under cover of darkness wherever they can, the addition of security lighting takes away the very thing they love most. The more you can do to put them off your property, the safer it will be.

Of course, you’ll probably want some advice on this topic if you are now wondering whether your property in Hull is as safe as you thought it was. To this end, you should speak to the team at Pixlocks today. Home security in Hull could be easier to achieve than you think.

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