How Often Do You Lock Your Doors and Windows?

We’ve covered how important it is to make sure you have the best door locks and window locks to protect your property from burglars. However, a statistic I read the other day revealed that over 60% of burglars enter properties through unlocked doors and windows. That’s almost two thirds. It makes you wonder how many of those burglaries could have been prevented if the householder had used the locks that were already installed.

Always lock all doors and windows when leaving your property

An unlocked door is a wonderful invitation for a burglar. Don’t assume they all operate under cover of darkness either. Even if you are just popping out for five minutes, take the time to close and lock all your doors and windows. It doesn’t take long, and it will make the difference between making your home an easy target and making your home secure.

Are your locks as good as they could be?

Burglars won’t spend ages trying to break into a property. If they cannot gain access within 60 seconds or so, they will go elsewhere. They don’t want to get caught, after all. The better your locks are, the more likely it is your property will be able to withstand their attempts to break in, even if someone does target your home.

By calling a locksmith for advice, you can make sure your existing door and window locks are the best they could possibly be… or get a quote for some replacements.

Can you lock your windows and still allow ventilation to occur?

Some window locks are designed to enable you to lock them in the ajar position. If you look at the section of the lock attached to the frame, there will be two locking positions rather than just one. Locking the window into the position furthest from the frame means you will lock it securely but still leave a slight gap through which air can circulate. This is ideal for warmer days and nights while still providing good security. That said, it would still be wise to fully lock all the windows downstairs in your property at night and when you go out.

Make the most of the best locks on the market today

Unless you already have the best door and window locks installed in your property, there is never a better time to upgrade what you have. It will provide you with peace of mind and a greater level of security. You can combine this with other methods of home security, such as timers to turn lights on and off, and making sure you don’t leave any tools or ladders lying around outside your home. Burglars will take advantage of these items to break in if they spot them lying around.

Contact us today for more information about our locksmith and lock repairs service. Reliable and affordable, we have access to the finest locks on the market – the ones that will help protect your home day in, day out.