Home Security: Are You Aware?

They say a man’s home is his castle. However it doesn’t matter whether you live in a castle, a bungalow, a flat or a house. The most important thing all these properties have in common is the need for good security.

Gone are the days when people used to be able to go out and leave their doors unlocked while they were gone. Now you have to make sure everything is properly locked and secured, otherwise you could find yourself the victim of an opportunistic burglar. It makes sense then to ensure you do everything you can to prevent this from happening.


It’s not as simple as locking up either

It’s fair enough to assume you can go out and lock up and be safe in knowing no one can break in. However, most of us accept and realise this doesn’t always keep our homes as safe as they should be.

Professional thieves will look for properties that are still vulnerable even when they are properly locked up. They know which locks will prove easy to break through. They also know which ones will cause them more hassle than they are worth (especially when there is an easier target just around the corner).

Doesn’t it make sense then to get your locks checked by an experienced Hull locksmith? Wouldn’t you rather know whether your property is as safe as you really think it is?

Window locks are just as important as door locks

It’s very easy to put your focus on your front and back doors and how safe the locks are on those. It is very easy to forget all about the windows, and yet these can be a key point of entry for many burglars as well. Don’t forget, if a burglar decides you have strong locks on your doors that would be problematic to get through, they might take a look at your windows instead. And if they find locks there that leave a lot to be desired, don’t be too surprised if they break in there instead.

Of course you can minimise the odds that you would be broken into in lots of different ways. Have gravel under your windows so you can hear people if they try and sneak up. Install security cameras. Install a house alarm. But do make sure you look at your major line of defence as well – your locks.

The team at Pixlocks never charge a callout fee so we can check your locks at no charge. We are able to make recommendations if we believe your locks can be replaced with stronger and better ones that will make your property more secure.

Think about it: How much would you spend to make your home more secure? Your peace of mind isn’t something you can really put a price on. However the cost of new locks could be a lot cheaper than you might think. Call us today to secure the services of a Hull locksmith from Pixlocks.