Even the Best Locks Won’t Protect Your Home Without This

Worker installing and repairing new lock

We’ve often highlighted the importance of understanding that not all locks are the same. Some are cheap for a reason, while others provide a pricier and safer alternative. At Pixlocks, we always source the best locks at the best prices, giving you the chance to benefit in several ways.

While it is good to check the quality of your locks and to get them changed and upgraded whenever necessary, it’s also vital to remember you need to use them for them to work. This seems obvious, but with the hot weather we’ve had recently, it is all too common for people to leave windows open when they go out.

Securing your home around the clock

On a warm day, it seems logical to open your windows and the back door whenever you are home. However, this can compromise your security and it may not even help make your home cooler. By opening windows, you’re letting the heat come in. You might also invite an opportunist burglar to make his move.

Many burglars do take the opportunity to go through open doors and windows if they can. Why break in if they don’t need to? Some people have experienced such burglaries even when they have been at home.

However, it’s when you pop out for a few minutes that the risk rises. If you have the best locks installed in your windows and doors, they are only going to work if you use them. So, even if you pop out for a quick trip into town and back – perhaps less than 20 minutes in duration – always lock up before you go. You’d lock your doors, of course (we hope), but you should also lock those windows. If you don’t, you might find a thief has taken the opportunity to break in – even through the smallest open window.

Do you notice any issues locking your windows or doors?

Even if you do diligently check everything is locked before you leave your home, you might notice you have trouble with one or two locks. Perhaps they are stiff or get stuck, for example. Perhaps the key doesn’t quite slide into the lock as it should.

These can all be signs that the lock is on its way out. Take this as an opportunity to get a free quote for an upgrade. You need not upgrade all your locks simultaneously – you could always do the most important ones first and follow with the others later.

If you haven’t had your locks changed in a long time, there is almost certainly a far superior door or window lock on the market today. Making sure you always lock up before you leave helps keep your home more secure. If you have the best locks on the market, you’re going to be even safer. Use what you have but consider upgrading too. A free inspection and quote doesn’t take long and it could be well worth doing for your own peace of mind.