Do You Need a Secure Key Box?

We’ve all heard stories of people keeping a spare door key on a high ledge outside their home, under a rock or even in one of those fake rocks that have a ‘secret’ panel underneath for convenience. You might even be guilty of trying one of these methods yourself.

However we all know this is far from being the safest way to store a spare key. Criminals looking for an easy target know to look for spare keys and they’ll spot a fake rock in your front (or rear) garden very quickly. Before you know it your home could be robbed while you’re out and about.

Is there a smart solution for a spare key?

Yes there is, and it’s something PixLocks can help you with too. You can purchase a secure key safe that is designed for just this purpose. The safe is a small unit that can be securely attached to the exterior of your property. It usually has a keypad so anyone wanting to get the key must enter the correct code in order for the key safe to open and reveal the key. This means only those people who might need to get the key can access it safely.

Practical uses for a secure key box

This safe can be used in all kinds of situations. For example an elderly and frail homeowner may not be able to answer the door every time someone visits. Relatives can have the code to the key box and knock to announce their presence before unlocking the door and returning the key to its safe.

They are also ideal when emergency services might have cause to enter a property to help someone inside. Let’s say an elderly person has a personal alarm they can use if they fall or feel very ill and need medical assistance. The company providing the personal alarm will automatically call the emergency services if they detect someone has fallen. They can have the secure key code and pass it on to the paramedics so they can access the property quickly to give essential medical care.

Do you have a holiday property?

These secure key safes even work for holiday properties. You never quite know when someone will arrive at your holiday property as they could have some distance to travel. This means you could end up waiting around for them to arrive when you could be doing something else.

However if you have a secure key box installed you simply have to provide each holidaymaker with the code to unlock the box when they receive their holiday information. Alternatively you could tell them when they ring you to get directions and other information about the property.

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways you might benefit from having a secure key safe installed. Whether you need one for a holiday property, to ensure you don’t get locked out if you forget your key, or simply for safety’s sake, this can be a real boon to you.