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A few metal post boxes against the wall waiting to recieve post - Taken inside a small shared space in an apartment block in natural light

Three Crucial Things to Consider When Using a Secure Key Box

Secure key boxes are easily available from several sources. They’re becoming popular for use in many scenarios, too: They’re ideal for using at holiday rental properties – the owner can leave the keys inside the key box and give the holidaymaker the code in advance of arrival. This means the owner doesn’t need to be […]

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Broken key stuck in the door lock

Cheap Door Locks: Not Always a Great Deal

Have you ever thought about the difference between cheap goods and those that are good value? They might sound similar, but there are crucial differences between them. And if you’re shopping around for new locks, whether they are for your home, your business premises, your garage, or even your shed, it’s vital to know what […]

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Are Your Locks as Good as You Think They Are?

Door locks and window locks help keep our homes, garages, and outbuildings safe. But are you locking up your property each day, believing it to be safe and secure, when your locks are far from the best on the market? It’s hard to tell at first glance how strong your locks are. Double-locking doors is […]

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Keeping Your Holiday Property Secure

When you are at home all the time, you’ve got some idea of how secure your property is. But what about a holiday property you might have in East Yorkshire? If you have one, can you be confident it is secure, or do you worry it might be vulnerable to break-ins? A holiday property could […]

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Did You Know Burglaries Increase When the Clocks Go Back?

It’s that time of year again when we adjust to it getting darker even earlier in the evening, thanks to the clocks going back. It may be lighter in the mornings, at least for a while, but the change is known to lead to an increase in burglaries. You may not be keen on going […]

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The Importance of Good Back Door Security

How secure is the back door of your property? You might have a single back door or possibly some sliding patio doors. If you have a larger property, there might even be more than one rear door leading out into your back garden, however big or small it might be. Many people think of the […]

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Make sure your property in Hull East Yorkshire is secure

Make Sure Your Property in Hull is Secure Over Christmas One of the nicest things about being out and about throughout December is seeing the many festive window displays people put up. Sometimes these are more elaborate than others, while it is not unusual to see a Christmas tree lit up in someone’s window. While […]

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How Secure is the Rear of Your Home?

A lot of us tend to focus on the front door as the main point of entry to our homes. This is probably because this is the way we would gain access most of the time. Of course, we have a key. We’re not looking to break into the property. Now put yourself in the […]

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