Can You Be Sure the Rear of Your Property is Secure? Ask a locksmith.

Take a moment to think about the rear of your property. Can you be absolutely sure it would present a real challenge for a burglar to try and gain access to your home that way?

Many people tend to focus on the front of their property above all else. They may have a second lock on their door, not to mention a burglar alarm fitted to deter would-be burglars. Yet in some cases, people don’t take as much care to protect any rear access that might be present. Most people have a back door, possibly some patio doors as well, and these should also be checked to ensure they provide the best level of security possible.

Nearly two-thirds of burglars gain access through the rear of a building

It’s true – one survey found 64% of burglars get in through the back of a building. It’s not hard to see why – after all, they are far less likely to be seen by someone if they get in this way. Once they are over the back fence or wall, they can duck down out of sight, especially if it is dark.

While security lighting can help deter burglars, as can prickly bushes and gravel to reveal their location if you happen to be in at the time, there is no substitute for proper locks. This is why it makes good sense to locate a locksmith in Hull if you live in this area. The Pixlocks team can take a look at the locks you have in place at the moment, and focus on swapping them out for better and stronger ones if need be.

We also offer plenty of security advice, so giving our team a call could turn out to be the best thing you do for your property this year. Don’t leave the rear of your property unprotected. Make sure your locks are up to scratch. The harder you make it for someone to break in, the less likely you are to ever be troubled by burglars – opportunistic or otherwise.