Do You Have a Broken uPVC Window in Hull, East Yorkshire

In recent times, uPVC has popped up everywhere as one of the leading materials to use in double glazing installations. You don’t have to paint or treat it, and a quick wipe with a clean cloth is usually all that is needed to keep it looking good.

Of course, uPVC units can develop faults from time to time. In addition, accidents can happen and something might cause a unit to leak or break. Fortunately, it is usually much easier to resolve these problems than some people may think.

Pixlocks offers expert advice and help to customers throughout the Hull and East Yorkshire area. if you’ve got fogged units, we can replace them for you. Maybe you have a window that no longer opens or closes without a struggle. This is quite a common problem too, and one the team at Pixlocks can resolve very quickly. It’s easy to struggle on and intend to do something about it at a later date. But if you call us as soon as you can, we’ll get your window openers working again faster than you might think.

Maybe you don’t actually have any broken uPVC windows at all. However, you might be concerned about how strong (or otherwise) your window locks are. If this is the case, we can take a look at the locks you have now and see whether it would be possible to get some better ones installed. We’re happy to quote and provide advice free of charge, so all you have to do is call us and we’ll take care of the rest. If you decide you do want to have your window locks upgraded, we’ll get the job done as quickly as possible.

From fogged units to non-locking locks, Pixlocks can handle the lot.

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