Do You Have a Badly-Fitting Front Door? Ask our expert Locksmiths in Hull, East Yorkshire to fix it.

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Having a new front door fitted makes your home feel more secure. This holds true regardless of the type of door you have.

However, there are occasions when the door may not be fitted as well as it should be. On the other hand, maybe you’ve had your existing front door for a long time, and you’ve just noticed it’s not fitting as well as it once did. If you don’t have a front garden and you live right on the street, you may have been unlucky enough to have someone fall heavily onto your uPVC door. This can cause problems if the door gives ever so slightly – a problem you may not notice straightaway.

Additionally, wooden doors can expand and contract as the weather conditions change. One day you may go to open your door and find you can’t do so. Sanding it down is an easy option in this case, but it’s still frustrating.

Whatever type of door you have, you could lose heat and have trouble getting in and out of your house if it doesn’t fit properly. There is also an increased chance of breaking your key off in the lock. We all put the key in, turn it and then push forwards to get in through the door. If the door sticks, more pressure will be put on the key and it could break… leaving you with yet another problem that might take time to resolve.

Pixlocks specialises in resolving all kinds of problems with uPVC doors. If you are looking for uPVC repair services in Hull, look no further than Pixlocks. We have re-hung doors, installed brand new doors and of course, fitted brand new locks as well. In fact, if you are having issues with your front door, now would be a good time to get the locks checked as well. We’re always happy to provide you with no-obligation advice, not to mention a quote. You can then decide whether you want to go ahead with new locks as well as having your door adjusted and re-hung so it fits like a dream.