Are Your Window Locks Up to Scratch?

When you think of locks you probably immediately think of doors. After all whether you’re thinking of home or you work from your own business premises, you’ll unlock the door to get in and lock it up again when you leave.
Yet while good quality door locks are certainly important, it’s just as vital to make sure your window locks are up to scratch.

A tempting point of access

While doors are still the most common point of access for burglars looking to break into homes, windows are in second place. The last thing you want to do is to make it easy for thieves to break in, so it makes sense to ensure your window locks are just as secure as your door locks.
A locksmith Hull can visit your property – whether it’s a residential property or a business property – and assess how strong your locks are. If there are better options you could use, we can let you know all about them. As part of the service we can make sure you get all the keys you need for both new door locks and new window locks, thus ensuring you’ll never run short of a spare.

Are your locks as good as you think they are?

Most people are familiar with Yale locks and deadbolts. However if you were presented with three different types of deadbolts, would you be able to identify the strongest and most reliable one just by the sight of it? Most people wouldn’t, and that’s why it pays dividends to ensure you get an expert locksmith Hull in to recommend the best locks for security for both windows and doors.

How can you ensure entry through a window is unlikely in your case?

No matter how good your window locks are, they’re only good if you remember to lock your windows. Even if it’s the middle of summer you should still shut and lock your front and side windows if you are going to be in the back garden for some time. Five minutes – less, even – is all it takes for an opportunistic thief to reach in or climb in through an open window and take whatever he can get.
While open windows provide the most likely point of entry where windows are concerned, it definitely helps to have the most secure window locks you can get your hands on. The more you can do to secure your property, the easier it is to ensure you don’t become a burglary statistic.
It is also possible to have replacement handles installed if you have one or two older ones that don’t work as well as they should. If you know it is time to replace your window locks for better security and peace of mind, call in your local locksmith Hull now. Think of it as an investment in the future security of your business or home, and one that will make you feel much safer as a result.