3 Things to Do When You Move into a New Home


Moving into a new home often ranks as one of the most stressful life events we can go through. A lot may depend on why we move, but it would be highly unusual if we didn’t experience at least some stress, even if we move through choice to a better location.

With so many things to do when we move from one place to another, it is easy to forget how important it is to take care of our security. No doubt you were familiar with how everything worked in your old home. If you have just moved – or you are moving soon – make sure you tackle these three things as soon as possible.

1: change the locks

Even if the new property has excellent locks, you will need to get them changed so you have a new set of keys. This means there is no chance of anyone with a key to the old locks can get in. You never know who might have a key or why, so be sure to make this top priority on your to-do list.

A locksmith can inspect your locks and recommend which ones you should replace them with. This is also a great opportunity to upgrade whatever is already there. Get your security right from the start and you can enjoy peace of mind in your new property from day one.


2: check the window locks too

Research has indicated over 60% of burglars enter a property either through a door or a window. Even if your doors have the best locks around, a burglar may still inspect your windows to see if they can gain easy entry that way.

While your locksmith is present, make sure they examine all the window locks as well. The older the windows are, the less likely they are to have decent locks on that meet current standards. The locksmith can recommend newer ones that will make your home safer.


3: make sure the exterior of your property deters would-be burglars

There is plenty you can do outside too. Having great locks will help protect your home but preventing burglars from approaching to start with is another good move. Many will try to gain access to the rear of your property, so consider keeping bushes and shrubs trimmed so no one can use them to hide. Trees can provide a way to climb over the boundary into your garden, so be alert to that possibility too.

Laying gravel is a good idea as walking on it creates noise. Meanwhile, adding security lights to the exterior of your property will place a spotlight on anyone who tries to break in under cover of darkness.

By focusing on all these elements when you move into your new home, you can make sure it will be a less attractive target for would-be burglars in the vicinity. Good locks are the final barrier against anyone getting in, so don’t chance relying on cheaper ones.